Who is Mrs.Vicius?

Mrs.Vicius is Michigans 1st mushroom based est. 2018. I left my cushy corporate job, that i had just spent 4.5 years in college for. I wasn’t where I was meant to be, and I was miserable. I suffered 3 miscarriages as well during 2015-2017. I was super depressed and also suffered from treatment resistant depression. I was already taking xannax and celexa and they didnt work at all. I started dosing mushrooms because I had suicidal ideations 💯. I began cultivating in 2018 to satisfy my own microdosing needs. I also started documenting my journey using this medicine with my family present on social media. They all called me crazy at first, But there was science behind my crazy and I was just trying to show people the way. I started making myself teas, moved onto capsules, added chocolates, gummies, waters and the latest pixie sticks. I hold free cultivating education courses, speaking engagements, do advocacy work, psychedelic integration coaching, space holding, and supporting others healing journey. I’m the founding member of Decrim Nature Hazel Park, and we decriminalized entheogens on 3/22/22!! I have been featured on NPR, PBS, Fox2, and dozens of podcasts around the Detroit area over the years. I came in 1st for the 2021 Michigan Psilocybin Cup - microdose category and kept up with some of the best in the world during the Oakland Cup 2021, 15/65. Our website launched May 2020, it’s been an amazing ride so far, and I’m just getting started. thank you for the continued support! Healing yourself is not a crime ❤️🍄